If you get emails from LEGO, you may have received one regarding the LEGO VIP Program that may give some good news on how you use your points for discounts. You now don’t have to know how much of a discount you want ahead of your purchase as you can now apply discounts at increments of $1/£1/1€ with a minimum amount claimed to be $5/£5/5€. Another benefit of the new system is that you can pay for an order using only VIP points if you desire. This will also work at LEGO Brand Stores as well. All you need is your email or your physical/digital card when you checkout.

Important update to your LEGO® VIP Program

We’re introducing some changes that will make it easier for you to get discounts on LEGO® products using your VIP Points.

You now no longer need to decide in advance how or where you want to use your discount. Any discount redeemed with VIP Points can be spent online, in store or by phone.

We’re also looking to make the in-store VIP experience more secure. To earn or use your VIP Points, you’ll now need to provide your card number or email address for your account. Please make sure you bring your card or details with you, as store associates will no longer be able to access your account without that information. The email address used for this communication should be the one associated with your account.

If you have any unused discounts from in-store or phone discount rewards that you’ve already redeemed in the Rewards Centre, we’ll credit your account with the relevant points value. Any LEGO.com discounts you redeemed will remain unchanged. Please contact our Costumer Service if you have any questions.

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