LEGO VIP New 2019 Changes

If you’re a LEGO VIP member, you may have received an email this morning regarding some new changes coming to the VIP program in a few months. As I reported on earlier in the month, LEGO will be implementing the digitial VIP card very soon but for those who want the physical card can still get one. I suggest doing that in case they do away with it in the future. VIP accounts has to be registered online with an email address.

As a VIP member, we already have a lot of benefits including various promotional gifts, double point events, and early access to product launches that we get throughout the year and it looks like we’ll be getting even more on top of that. In the email, they said there will be an online rewards center that will be launching to introduce a new way to spend your VIP points. There’s no other details regarding this but I’m very interested on seeing what they have in store.

In addition, VIP points will be valid for 18 months with the expiration “clock” resetting after every purchase. With the current system we have now, VIP points would expire two years after earning if they weren’t used. Essentially this change will allow your points to stay active forever if you make a LEGO purchase every one and half years and you don’t have to worry on when your points will be expiring. This was an issue because LEGO would usually send an email notifying you when the points would soon be expiring but some people don’t get those emails.

If you didn’t get the email today, you might get it soon but you can check out what it says below.

Exciting changes are coming

We’re super excited to let you know we’re making improvements to the LEGO® VIP program!

Thanks to feedback we’ve had from our awesome VIP customers, we’ve been working on some great ideas that will make your membership even better.

We’re making things better
In the coming months, we’ll be launching an online rewards center that will introduce some new ways to earn and spend VIP points.

To support our Planet Promise, we’ll also be going digital with VIP cards. Physical cards will be available for anyone who still wants one.

When it’s all happening
We’re working hard on the updates and you’ll see the first changes come into effect in two months from now.

Your points will still be available
All your existing VIP points will still be available and worth the exact same value. All your points will be valid for at least 18 months. We’ll reset the clock on all your points every time you earn or spend any points, so you can use them for longer. Yay!

You’ll still be able to use your points to get discounts at LEGO Stores and on You’ll also be able to manage your points through the online rewards center (you’ll need internet to access it).

Do I need to do anything?
For the time being, we suggest you make sure that your VIP account is registered. This means that your VIP Account is linked to an online LEGO Account.

You can check whether you’re registered already by logging in with your LEGO Account on, as all your VIP info will appear right there.

We’ll also be making sure that each VIP account has a unique email address. Accounts that use the same email address will be merged together and accounts with more than one email address will be split into separate accounts.

That’s all for now! More info will be on the way and full terms and conditions will be available on our website soon. We can’t wait to share more with you, so keep an eye out for emails from the VIP team.

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