A few years ago, the LEGO VIP Rewards Center allowed shoppers to redeem their points during checkout which can be used for both online and in stores. That was until the big overhaul of the Rewards Center where it split the redemption process and you had to choose between online and in store. This caused shoppers problems if they chose the wrong option.

Soon over the next few weeks, LEGO will be making an update that will again simplify how you redeem those points for discounts. Instead of them being separate, it will now be a single option for the discount and you can use it for both online and in stores or over the phone. You’ll only choose how many points and how big of a discount you want to use.

Currently the system is live in Hungary and will be rolling out to other regions with Australia, New Zealand, and Japan up next. Hopefully this change will lead to other changes like having multiple or larger denomination discounts.

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