It’s always interesting to see how other builders’ store their LEGO collection. Renowned brick artist Bruce Lowell has recently redesigned his studio and he has documented the changes on his site to show what he has done to reorganize his collection. Bruce explains the different types of storage containers he uses to organize his bricks including Stock-On, Sterilite, Darice, and Plano.

After seeing images of his finished wall, I emailed Bruce asking how he sorts his LEGO elements. Some people may sort by color and some may sort by type. Bruce does a combination of both. Bruce notes that he sorts about 70% of his part types excluding all bricks and plates, slopes, wings/wedges, less used and larger parts (such as panels, wheels, animals, TECHNIC, house parts). However, he does sort all non-printed minifigure body parts, accessories, small hinges, rare slopes and small curved slopes, detailed pieces such as bars and taps, small animal parts, transparent parts, tiles, SNOT bricks, and much more. Each of these part types and the containers that hold them are contingent on the amount that he has in each color family.

Check out how Bruce redesigned his wall on his website and maybe it’ll give you some inspiration when it is time to reorganize your building area.

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