In one of the more interesting collaborations in recent times, LEGO looks to be having an upcoming partnership with Lofi Girl very soon. Formerly known as ChilledCow, Lofi Girl is a YouTube channel that provides livestreams of lo-fi hip hop music and usually has the iconic girl in the green sweater studying or relaxing.

In the video clip shown on their social media channels, the girl is just studying and suddenly her pen turns into building bricks. While looking at her hands, they also turn into minifigure hands and more bricks fall out. Seemingly confused, the screen turns black with a date of September 19. If it’s really a LEGO collab, we’ll see what happens next Tuesday.

One thing to note is that LEGO already had a subtle nod to Lofi Girl back in 2021 with the LEGO Monkie Kid Spider Queen’s Arachnoid Bases (80022). As you can see below, the set had a sticker showing her on the screen as an Easter egg.

LEGO Monkie Kid Spider Queen's Arachnoid Base (80022)

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