At San Diego Comic Con 2023, there will be a Hall H panel for Project K which is India’s first Mytho-Sci-fi narrative. At first look, it doesn’t really involve LEGO but in one of our press emails, there will be a LEGO collaboration with Project K. I’m not sure how it will all fit in as the description is still pretty vague but I’m very interested to see what it is about. Project K will be the first Indian movie to be featured at Hall H at SDCC and it’ll be on Thursday, July 20 at 1pm.

Recognizing LEGO’s extraordinary creativity and ability to inspire, we see a remarkable opportunity for collaboration.

Most Indian children did not grow up with LEGO in the 90s and 2000s however as adults, they view LEGO with the sight of missed nostalgia.

Collaborating with Project K opens up the path for LEGO to enter the homes of Indian children and youth who wish to experience the joy of building and the pride of creation.

Integrating Indian cultural elements into LEGO sets and characters would offer a fresh experience for billions around the world and would open doors to a new era of imaginative play and cross-cultural appreciation.

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