Earlier today, LEGOLAND California announced the park will be expanding next year and in the next few years. The first thing that was announced by General Manager Peter Ronchetti was that the LEGOLAND Hotel will be having LEGO Ninjago themed rooms which will open in Spring 2017.

Speaking of the themed rooms, the Kingdom themed rooms at the hotel have become so popular that LEGOLAND will be building a new LEGO Castle Hotel. Construction will begin next year and will open in 2019 in front of the Sea Life Aquarium.

Probably the biggest news of the day, at least for me, is the expansion of the LEGO Star Wars Miniland. Opening in March 2017 just ahead of Star Wars Days, the area will have a new area for Episode VII: The Force Awakens. There will be six scenes from the first 30 minutes of the film including Kylo Ren’s capture of Poe Dameron at Jakku, Rey’s rescue of BB-8, and Poe and Finn’s escape from the Star Destroyer Finalizer. With an expansion at a limited space, The Force Awakens area will be replacing the Clone Wars Christophsis scene.

Finally, the water park will also be expanding with a new area called Surfer’s Bay. There will be a water slide with six lanes going 17 feet high and more than 100 feet of track. There will also be an area where water is sprayed up from the ground where kids can run through called the “spray ground.”

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