Currently, there are a total of 6 LEGOLAND theme parks in the world including one here in California and one in Florida. Chris over at Bricks on the Dollar has informed us that Merlin Entertainments is in talks with the local government in Stafford, Virginia of opening up a theme park in the city. The negotiations are still in the early stages but government officials are proposing the location be near the Centreport Parkway area off Interstate 95. The location is approximately 50 miles south of Washington D.C. and about 60 miles north of Richmond, Virginia. Other locations in the United States are also being considered and the company is “nowhere near” a decision.

Sally Ann Wilkinson, head of corporate affairs for Merlin Entertainments, states that they have no comment on the negotiations until their Board and stakeholders are in agreement. County Administrator Anthony Romanello says the county is committed meeting Merlin’s needs, pending the results of their financial analysis in November. He also states that the county could provide something to Merlin by the end of the calendar year as an incentive to opening a park in Stafford.