Here’s something that may be of interest to some of the readers. The guys over at a new site called MOC Nation: Designer LEGO Creations has reached out to us to let you know about their launch today. It’s basically a site for LEGO fans to purchase sets designed by other builders while builders themselves are able to create some income from their designs. MOC Nation will source the parts as well as create the instructions for the set and shipping them out. Check out the press release below.

MOC Nation Launches to Bring LEGO® Enthusiasts’ Dreams to Life, Offers Kits to Recreate Limited-Edition Designer MOCs at Home

Casting custom LEGO® creations as works of art, new website brings designs from top independent LEGO® designers to fans around the world

Aliso Viejo, CA — MOC Nation (, a website for lovers of LEGO®, design, and maker art, launches today to showcase and sell kits of the best independent designer LEGO creations from around the world. A MOC (“My Own Creation”) is an original work of art built with authentic LEGO bricks and parts. MOC Nation handpicks unique creations from top MOC designers, features them on the website, and offers kits containing all of the elements and instructions needed to recreate the MOCs at home.

The MOC Nation website uses rich photography and a video view to showcase the MOCs. The designs are rated by level of difficulty to build, and “playability,” ranging from display-only to fully playable. Most MOC Nation kits contain between 150 and 900 individual pieces.

“The talent and imagination among MOC artists is incredible, and it inspired us to bring more MOCs to LEGO fans and design lovers everywhere,” said Jason Gutierrez, MOC Nation cofounder. “Our process for selecting the MOCs and developing the kits is pretty fast. There’s so much passion for MOCs in the fan community, it’s exciting to be able to offer exposure and quick access to these truly inventive creations.”

While there are distinct categories of MOCs, such as sculpture, mechs, architecture, and others, across these categories, creativity and a unique vision are the common elements of the designs selected for MOC Nation.

Designer Felix Jaensch is wellknown in the LEGO community as a gifted designer of MOCs. “I got my first LEGO—not Duplo®!— set when I was three years old, and of course I tried different modifications with those few parts on the very first day,” said Jaensch, creator of the Red Fox MOC featured in the MOC Nation launch. “Now, it’s so cool to see how the MOC community has grown and to see other LEGO fans building my MOCs for themselves.”

About MOC Nation

MOC Nation was created by Matt Gutierrez, Jason Gutierrez, and Andrew Capener — three AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO®) with backgrounds in ecommerce, entrepreneurship, and design, and a passion for all things creative. The idea of MOC Nation was born in the summer of 2015. When not building their favorite MOCs, the three founders can be found hunting waves at various beaches in Southern California. MOC Nation is located in Aliso Viejo, CA.

Media Contact
Nicole Brion, MOC Nation
(415) 8905346

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