A few days ago, we got our first look at the LEGO Art Harry Potter (31201) set and there is now more information about the set including a combined look for the Hogwarts crest. The set has 4,249 pieces and costs $119.99 and one set allows you to build one crest from the four Hogwarts houses so it’ll take you four sets to build the Hogwarts crest which will run you a cool $480.

Show off your Hogwarts™ house pride with the new LEGO® Art Harry Potter™ Hogwarts Crests

Lifestyle image of a large Hogwarts crest including all four house symbols, hanging on a wall

Billund, November 25th, 2020: Are you ready to celebrate your favorite Hogwarts house? The new LEGO® Art Harry Potter™ Hogwarts Crests sets give Harry Potter™ enthusiasts and older LEGO fans alike the chance to proudly display their allegiance to the Hogwarts house of their choice with new 2D tile mosaic wall art sets.

Harry Potter fans can build one of four different Hogwarts house crests – Gryffindor™, Slytherin™, Hufflepuff™ or Ravenclaw™ – with this 4,249-piece set. Four sets can be combined to make the ultimate Hogwarts crest.

LEGO® Art offers adults a creative experience to help them relax and recharge as they transform a blank canvas (or in this case, small interlinking base plates) using LEGO tiles. The new LEGO® Art Harry Potter Crests set can be reimagined in a number of different ways to display a different crest if loyalties change.

An immersive soundtrack can also give fans a behind the scenes peek into the Wizarding World as experts talk more about Hogwarts and the different houses, helping them to switch off and explore their love of Harry Potter as they build. The soundtrack includes stories of those close to the Wizarding World™ including:

• Miraphora Mina, Graphic Designer for the Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts films
• Eduardo Lima, Graphic Designer for the Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts films
• Alan Gilmore, Creative Director for the Harry Potter films
• Pierre Bohanna, Head Prop Maker for the Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts films
• Kitt Kossmann, LEGO Designer

A Harry Potter™ logo tile adds the final touch to the impressive 15.5” (40cm) square tile mosaic before it is proudly hung on the wall.

The new LEGO Art Harry Potter Hogwarts Crests set is designer for builders aged 18 and over, and will be available from 1st January 2021 from LEGO.com, LEGO Stores and other retailers globally priced from $119.99/€119.99.

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