The BrickLink Designer Program is set to kick off the crowdfunding stage for the projects that were production ready. For those who were waiting to pre-order Mountain View Observatory, you won’t be able to because it has been moved to another round due to the high complexity of it. The last update on it was on May 14 for it to get ready but it wasn’t enough time to do so. Hopefully, it’ll be ready for either of the next crowdfunding rounds.

Unfortunately, due to high complexity of this project, it will no longer be included in Round 1 crowdfunding. It will be available for crowdfunding in another round. Please check back for updates.

There will still be seven projects available for pre-order tomorrow which includes the Sheriff’s Safe, Pursuit of Flight, BIONICLE Legends, Kakapo, Castle in the Forest, Particle Accelerator, and Great Fishing Boat.

Thanks to Shayne for the heads up.

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