Somehow I missed this last week but there’s an interesting rumor coming out of Eurobricks regarding the Doctor Who projects on LEGO Ideas. There wasn’t much detail given but it stated “something involving all 13.” To give a little background, two Doctor Who projects hit 10,000 supporters during the First 2014 Review Stage and their results have been in limbo since then. LEGO is close to revealing the Second 2014 Stage results, or so they’ve said last month, and will also be sharing the results of the Doctor Who projects as well along with it.

With this new piece of information, it may suggest that LEGO will indeed be producing a set involving all 13 Doctors. I’m not as familiar with the hit TV show as I should be so correct me if I’m wrong. Technically, Peter Capaldi is the Twelfth Doctor but this also includes John Hurt’s War Doctor between Paul McGann’s Eighth and Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth so that makes all thirteen of them.

What could this mean for a possible LEGO Ideas set? I have absolutely no clue. Don’t get your hopes up yet because this rumor could be totally false and this post was for naught but if it was approved, I would guess that it could be a set with the TARDIS that includes a stand for all the incarnations of the Doctor. It’s been a while since we’ve had any updates from the LEGO Ideas team so many fans are anxious to see the results. What are your thoughts on this new piece of news that a LEGO Ideas Doctor Who set is possibly green-lighted?

Note that the image above is from one of the successful projects.

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