If you didn’t see the post for some of the Summer 2016 LEGO Nexo Knights, you probably missed out of the little teaser for some new villains that will be appearing in sets and on the TV show. You can check out more details of these characters over on the LEGO Nexo Knights minisite.

LEGO Nexo Knights General Magmar

General Magmar

When you want to conquer the world with an army of monsters, you need a good general to command them. General Magmar is the greatest strategist, warrior and cook the Book of Monsters has ever produced. He talks in big words and fights the big fights. Too bad he rarely wins…

LEGO Nexo Knights Whiperella


Whiparella is so scary she even frightens the Book of Monsters. She is shaped like a snake, has a whip that will call out your deepest fear and her Spidergloblins turn into that fear. Her only personal fear is being called ‘Whimparella’ – which, of course, one of the knights does constantly.

LEGO Nexo Knights Flama


You don’t want to hug this monster. Flama is a molten mass of liquid lava and you would vaporize in just a moment. Usually seen in cohort with her rock brother Mouldron creating havoc somewhere. Together they are the Hot’n’Heavy twins that deliver a 2-for-1 offer on destruction.

LEGO Nexo Knights Burnzie


Burnzie is a big, bad monster. He has yellow gleaming eyes, a mouthful of sharp teeth and spooky, downward pointing horns. If you point an ordinary sword at him, he will spurt magma fumes on it, to make it go red-hot in an instant. And he is pretty good at bowling.

**Via Lyichir on Eurobricks**

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