LEGO The Simpsons House (71006)

There are now new details of the LEGO The Simpsons episode that will be airing in May on Fox. The episode will be called “Brick Like Me” and it will air on Sunday, May 4th. This brick-filled episode will be the show’s 550th of the The Simpsons which is longest-running American sitcom in television history. The plot of the episode is Homer waking up in a world where everything is made of LEGO bricks. He goes on an adventure and must “put together” how he got there in the first place and figure out how to get home.

The new episode goes along with the Simpsons House (71006), which became a hot selling item at LEGO Stores and on Shop@Home, and is part of The LEGO Group’s licensing deal with 20th Century Fox. The deal also includes a line of Collectible Minifigures that will be released in May. Stay tuned for more details of the LEGO The Simpsons episode.

**Via ScreenCrush**