LEGO has released a lot of new stuff on the LEGO Rewards Center that you can redeem for the month of March. The main thing that most people will be interested in is the LEGO Octan Logo Collectible Coin. This is the third one that has been released for the series and it costs 1,150 points.

The other new rewards are for LEGO VIDIYO. The minimum you have to spend is 50 points where you can unlock the VIP Virtual Pass. This allows you to unlock some of the various Digital Asset Packs as well as giving you an entry into the VIDIYO Sweepstakes. Speaking of the Sweepstakes, this month is for some signed Roller Skates by L.L.A.M.A.

Unlock your VIP Virtual Pass and access this character digital asset pack filled with fun downloadable VIDIYO “merch” like: • Digital watch faces • Desktop wallpapers • Video conference backgrounds • Mobile wallpapers

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