Official LEGO DC Universe Batgirl Minifigure Leaked?

Official Batgirl Minifigure?

A user by the name of votvik on BrickLink has posted an image of what appears to be The New 52 Batgirl from DC Comics and is asking what price to sell it for. Comparing it to the #1 issue of The New 52 Batgirl comic, the minifigure in question sure looks like her from the torso to her red hair.

Also note that the user is from the Czech Republic where LEGO has one of their largest factories. Could this mean that the minifigure is a leak from one of the 2014 LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes sets? Looking back at our set list for the 2014 DC releases, it could be in the The Joker Steam Roller (76013) set since there was an unidentified minifigure. What do you guys think?

**Via Brick Heroes**

  • Silver Fox

    minifigs4U has commented over on Brick Heroes that they’re official.

    • Interesting development we have. They are very high quality but I’m going to wait until LEGO releases something before I label it “official”.

  • TheOrcKing

    Sheesh, it took em’ long enough to finally do Batgirl! 🙂 Only one thing, where is her cape? Guess that hairpiece will make it difficult to work around perhaps. Still, it’s about time she got her spotlight.

    • There probably is a cape. The person probably didn’t have time to grab one 😉 I’ve seen worse hairpieces that pinch the capes like Sauron and Gandalf. This one doesn’t look so bad.