Official LEGO Fidget Spinner Building Instructions

LEGO Fidget Spinner

The current fad, at least here in the US, is fidget toys and fidget spinners. Before the ship has sailed, it appears that LEGO has produced official building instructions for two versions of the toy.

The builds are very similar with no exclusive parts but it depends if you want to hold a turntable piece or a Technic pin. Of course, you can still customize the LEGO Fidget Spinner to your liking.

LEGO Fidget Spinner

**Via Reddit**

  • Brian h

    I just had to look up what fidget spinner are and I whished I had not.
    Crazy times

  • They better not do this type of thing again, I hate these stupid things.

  • Reaven Veaceslav

    Not quite sure where all the hatred over these comes from. It’s a small and relatively insignificant object. I’ve never even seen one in person. I can only assume that people hate them because it’s currently popular and presumed to be childish and unnecessary.

    • It’s because people are making such a huge deal out of it when it’s so insignificant. It’s pretty much just a slightly altered top, no reason to make it out to be revolutionary.

      • Reaven Veaceslav

        Ah yes, the “you’re having too much fun and I don’t like it” line of reasoning.

        • More like “you’re taking this too seriously and should really just do something productive”.

          • Reaven Veaceslav

            You’re on a Lego news site. I’m not sure you’re in the correct place to argue about people wasting their time haha.

    • Petalbounce

      I’m a teacher’s aid for junior high and these suckers are distracting and annoying in class. Plus, they make this little whirring noise that, multiplied, is awful. During class all the kids are showing off their “skills” and not actually getting any work done. It gets old, fast. I have no problems with them usually, but in class? Terribly annoying

      • Reaven Veaceslav

        Sure, but as a fad, I doubt it’s significantly different than the crap teachers generally put up with, and it’ll be gone soon anyway.

  • Francesco Gavardi

    pretty sure this is fake

  • jermain burnett

    They are cool those and they make them build a lego fingers spiner.

  • Luke Bennett

    This fad is dumb.

    • Luke Bennett

      I found out that these are a thing when i was on the bus to go see GOTG 2 and a guy had one.
      TBH, i couldn’t give a toss about them.

  • Jim Mason

    Not sure I understand all the hate these things are getting. I have a nervous habit and if I’m not doing anything with my hands, I tend to bite my nails and pick at the skin around them. It’s particularly bad at work. I have a few ‘toys’ at my desk at work to keep my hands busy and things like the Fidget Cube seemed like an amazing idea to me (Gonna try making one from Lego pieces tonight).
    If it’s become a fad where everyone has one for the sake of having one, it rather sucks, but I’ve needed ‘toys’ like this for a long while. Making one out of Lego never crossed my mind until now and just seems like a fun way to kill an evening.