Official LEGO Simpsons Minifigures Found?

LEGO Simpsons?

The user who listed the 2014 Flash minifigure has also listed on eBay minifigures of what appears to be Homer and Ned Flanders from the new Simpsons line. Could these be the new minifigures that will be coming out for the Series 13 Collectible Minifigures in 2014? If they are, I must say they have pretty big heads and could be fairly easy to feel for. Obviously the torsos and the legs are not the correct ones but at least we can see what the heads look like on the bodies.

LEGO Simpsons?

LEGO Simpsons?

  • CM4Sci

    Oh my god. No, no no no nononononono

    • Hahaha I’m sort of indifferent as of this moment. I have to see what the other ones look like to make a judgement.

  • simon

    I hope not but they look official
    the heads are so big!

  • Weldon W. Worth

    I suspect the thief was only able to get the heads and simply placed them on spare part bodies to make them more sellable.

  • Russell Flowers

    Gay bar Simpsons theme?