There is exactly one week left to put your pre-order in for The Secret Life of LEGO Bricks written by Daniel Konstanski. In his latest update for the book, he detailed how LEGO was able to provide him with exclusive images to use for the book as well as LEGO going a step further to provide items to photograph for better image quality. It looks like LEGO is fully committed to put out a good book dedicated to AFOLs.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but it might be more in the case of LEGO® sets. Indeed, as several senior members of the LEGO Group’s in-house advertising agency told me, they spend more hours than you can imagine putting together the key images which appear on set boxes. But that is all I can say about that for now so as to not spoil a really great story from The Secret Life of LEGO® Bricks. For our effort, I and the team who are helping make this book a reality realised that being able to show many of the parts and sets I discuss was a necessity. To that end, the LEGO Group gave us permission to not only scour their digital archive but also to request images for use in the book. As I have been writing I concurrently scour the appropriate timeframe or category in the digital archive for pictures to enhance the text. However, it didn’t stop there. In a show of just how committed the LEGO Group is to this book, they granted permission for me to request that they pull physical artifacts from the archive to photograph in the event that I couldn’t find a good picture of something. This took a huge amount of time and was an amazing offer, which I have humbly and gratefully accepted. Rest assured, the photos in The Secret Life of LEGO® Bricks are going to be amazing!

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