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LEGO Taiwan Year of the Rat Promotions

The Year of the Rat is coming up in just a few weeks and LEGO Taiwan has put out a pretty interesting advertisement for the holiday. Mainly, they have posted an image showing all the animals on the zodiac. A majority of these minifigures are official minifigures from past LEGO Collectible Minifigures waves while others are mashups or recolors from existing minifigure parts. Some of the parts could be used for future minifigures as well.

Some other promotions LEGO has going on across the Pacific are the little brick-built items that will be given away during specific dates. They all look pretty cool but I do like the vase and the pellet drum.

As for us here in the US, we also have a LEGO Seasonal Year of the Rat promotion on LEGO Shop@Home from January 13-26 with purchases of $80 or more. In addition, there are two Chinese Festival sets that will be releasing on January 10 with the Lion Dance (80104) and Chinese New Year Temple Fair (80105).

Thanks to Shirley for the link.

LEGO Year of the Rat (40355) Promotion Coming January 13-26

If you didn’t see the January 2020 LEGO Store Calendar, we will be getting another Chinese New Year set with the LEGO Seasonal Year of the Rat (40355). You will be able to get it from January 13-26 with purchases of $80 or more which is a little bit lower than previous years’ threshold of $88.

Technically, this will be the seventh zodiac animal that has been released by LEGO but only the fourth that has been widely available on Shop@Home. The Snake, Sheep, and Monkey were previously Asia exclusives so hopefully LEGO will remake them for the mass market.

LEGO Seasonal Year of the Pig (40186) Promotion Now Live

LEGO Seasonal Year of the Pig (40186)

The LEGO Seasonal Year of the Pig (40186) promotion is now live on LEGO Shop@Home. From now until February 7, you can get it for free with purchases of $88 or more, while supplies last.

This year, LEGO continues with the promotion for the Chinese Zodiac Animals with this year being the Pig for the upcoming Lunar New Year next week. Hopefully LEGO carries this type of promotion next year for the Year of the Rat. Please help support our site by using the links provided.

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LEGO Seasonal Year of the Pig (40186) Promotion Starting Soon

LEGO Seasonal Year of the Pig (40186)

Chinese New Year is only two weeks away and to celebrate the event, LEGO will be releasing the LEGO Seasonal Year of the Pig (40186) set in a few days. From what I’m hearing, the promotion will be starting on January 28 at LEGO Stores and on Shop@Home and you can get it for free with purchases of $88 or more. This will be the fifth of the zodiac animals that have been released in this style and the sixth overall if you count the Year of the Snake (10250). We didn’t know the release of this set beforehand because LEGO doesn’t promote their gift-with-purchase items on the store calendars anymore so it’s hard to plan your purchases.

LEGO Seasonal 2019 Year of the Pig (40186) Revealed

LEGO Seasonal Year of the Pig (40186)

In the past few years, LEGO has been releasing some small sets to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year with the zodiac animal sets and the 2019 Year of the Pig (40186) has been revealed. Originally they have been exclusive to the Asian markets but last year, LEGO made it more accessable to the Western countries and were available in stores and on Shop@Home. Hopefully LEGO decides to do that again and I assume this set will be available in mid-to-late January/early February since Chinese Year Year will be on February 5.

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