LEGO Ideas Moments in Space

Yesterday, I reported that the crowd voting stage for the LEGO Ideas Moments in Space contest was underway. This stage is to find the top 25 entries out of a whopping 1,065 entries who participated. I’ve been asked by readers a few times already to feature their entries. While I can’t feature every single one, I’ll allow participants to leave a comment below to show off their own builds.

You may have noticed on each entry page that it doesn’t show the voes even though you have voted on a particular entry. According Hasan in the LEGO Ambassador Network, “The votes are intentionally hidden for this phase and will be revealed at the end of the contest.” This allows a level playing field since nobody knows how many votes an entry has gained. This also makes the whole thing a popularity contest to find the top 25 entries. I suggest using the filters to find which entries have the most discussions to gauge what is popular at the moment for the contest.