This is your last reminder that pre-orders for Round 2 of the BrickLink Designer Program will be starting tomorrow at 12pm Pacific. The main change for this round is Brickwest Studios has been moved to Round 3 and has been replaced by Venetian Houses. The first five projects with 3,000 pre-orders will be produced with a maximum of 10,000 sets made. They are on a first-come basis so once they’re sold out, that’s it.

Mountain Windmill – 2,085 pieces/$179.99

Modular LEGO Store – 2,149 pieces/$179.99

Science Adventures – 414 pieces/$35.99

Seasons in Time: Calendar – 3,010 pieces/$249.99

Retro Bowling Alley – 2,779 pieces/$229.99

Venetian Houses – 3,470 pieces/$289.99

Ruined House – 4,002 pieces/$299.99

Clockwork Aquarium – 874 pieces/$64.99

Quest Builder – 3,415 pieces/$259.99

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