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Retiring LEGO Sets for 2019


I have received a list of LEGO sets that will be retiring at the end of the 2019 so you have about two months to pick them up if you have not yet done so. This very extensive list comes from a very reliable source and I am confident that this is the final list for 2019.


United States Capitol Building (21030)
Great Wall of China (21041)


Police Station (60141)
Mountain Arrest (60173)
Pickup & Caravan (60182)
Arctic Mobile Exploration Base (60195)
Capital City (60200)
People Pack: Outdoor Adventures (60202)
LEGO City Hospital (60204)
Sky Police Diamond Heist (60209)
Harvester Transport (60223)
2019 LEGO City Advent Calendar (60235)


Parisian Restaurant (10243)
Carousel (10257)
Mythical Creatures (31073)
Rocket Rally Car (31074)
Sunshine Surfer Van (31079)
Pirate Roller Coaster (31084)


Bricks and Gears (10712)

DC Comics

Aquaman: Black Manta Strike (76095)
App-Controlled Batmobile (76112)
Batman: Batsub and the Underwater Clash (76116)
Batman Mech vs. Poison Ivy Mech (76117)
Knightmare Batman Acc. Set 2018 (853744)


Ariel’s Royal Celebration Boat (41153)
Cinderella’s Dream Castle (41154)
Ariel’s Seaside Castle (41160)
Ariel, Aurora, and Tiana’s Royal Celebration (41162)


Mia’s Camper Van (41339)
Friendship House (41340)
Heartlake City Pet Center (41345)
Friendship Box (41346)
Heartlake City Resort (41347)
Mia’s Forest Adventure (41363)
Emma’s Art Studio (41365)
Andrea’s Talent Show (41368)
LEGO Friends Ceramic Mug (853891)


LEGO Creative Stationery Set (853917)

Harry Potter

Aragog’s Lair (75950)
Grindelwald’s Escape (75951)
Newt’s Case of Magical Creatures (75952)
2019 LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar (75964)


LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V (21309)
Voltron (21311)
Ship in a Bottle (21313)
TRON: Legacy (21314)
Pop-Up Book (21315)


Spider-Man and the Museum Break In (40343)
The Hulkbuster Smash-Up (76104)
The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition (76105)
Spider-Man: Doc Ock Diamond Heist (76134)


The Crafting Box 2.0 (21135)
The Polar Igloo (21142)
The Bedrock Adventures (21147)
Steve BigFig with Parrot (21148)
Alex BigFig with Chicken (21149)
Skeleton BigFig with Magma Cube (21150)
LEGO Minecraft Skin Pack 1 (853609)
LEGO Minecraft Skin Pack 2 (853610)


Ninjago City (70620)
Ninjago City Docks (70657)
Cole’s Earth Driller (70669)
LEGO NINJAGO Accessory Set (853544)
NINJAGO Acc. Set 2019 (853866)


Tracer vs. Widowmaker (75970)
Hanzo vs. Genji (75971)
Dorado Showdown (75972)


Dragon Boat Race (80103)

Speed Champions

1968 Ford Mustang Fastback (75884)
Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC (75885)
Ferrari 488 GT3 “Scuderia Corsa” (75886)
Porsche 911 RSR and 911 Turbo 3.0 (75888)
Ferrari Ultimate Garage (75889)

Star Wars

Y-Wing Starfighter (75181)
Moloch’s Landspeeder (75210)
Sandcrawler (75220)
Betrayal at Cloud City (75222)
Elite Praetorian Guard Battle Pack (75225)
Inferno Squad Battle Pack (75226)
Escape Pod vs Dewback Microfighter (75228)
Death Star Escape (75229)
Porg (75230)
Droid Gunship (75233)
2019 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (75245)
Rebel A-Wing Starfighter (75247)
Snowspeeder – 20th Anniversary Edition (75259)
Clone Scout Walker – 20th Anniversary Edition (75261)
Imperial Dropship – 20th Anniversary Edition (75262)


LEGO Power Functions Motor Set (8293)
6×6 All Terrain Tow Truck (42070)
WHACK! (42072)
BASH! (42073)
Racing Yacht (42074)
First Responder (42075)
Mack Anthem (42078)
Heavy Duty Forklift (42079)
Forest Machine (42080)
Power Boat (42089)
Tracked Loader (42094)

The LEGO Movie 2

LEGO Movie Make (70820)
Emmet’s Thricycle (70823)
Introducing Queen Watevra Wa’nabi (70824)
Queen Watevra’s Build Whatever Box (70825)
Pop-Up Party Bus (70828)
Emmet and Lucy’s Escape Buggy (70829)
Rex’s Rexplorer (70835)
Shimmer & Shine Sparkle Spa (70837)
Queen Watevra’s ‘So-Not-Evil’ Space Palace (70838)
Welcome to Apocalypseburg! (70840)
TLM2 Accessory Set 2019 (853865)

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