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Ryan Hauge over at BrickWarriors not only has a business selling their popular LEGO minifigure accessories but he’s also a published author because he’ll be releasing his first novel, Riddle of Regicide (Pentavia Book 1), on Amazon tomorrow. You may not know this but being an author is hard work so hopefully I can help Ryan out by giving him some exposure.

In addition to completing his book, he has also made a MOC of the main character, Draxin, training at the Thieves Guild. You can check out more images of his MOC over on his Flickr.

Draxin Stormgarde awakens in the Thieves Guild with no memory of his past, no memory of his family. After being forced into training with Yortaz the evil jester, Draxin learns that the Thieves Guild is plotting to assassinate the king. And he’s the person they expect to do it.

During a raid gone awry, Draxin escapes and meets Ravelin, a mysterious royal agent tasked with protecting the king. Together, they race against time to stop the Thieves Guild before the king arrives in town for the annual Elk Day Festival.

Throughout his quest to save the king and unearth the demons of his past, Draxin must outwit a menagerie of fearsome beasts and sinister villains to keep from literally losing his head.

Will Draxin solve the riddle of regicide in time to save the king, or will Yortaz and the poisonous Thieves Guild prevail?

We need your help!

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