Rumored LEGO Anniversary Sets Coming in 2018

There will be lots of LEGO anniversaries coming up for 2018 including the 60th anniversary of the LEGO brick and it looks like we will be getting some special anniversary sets to celebrate it. In a post over on Eurobricks, Sir von Lego has stated there are five rumored sets that could be centered around various old school LEGO themes which could include some fan favorites like Classic, Space, Castle, Pirates, and Town. They also stated that the Classic box will look like the shape of a brick. LEGO is known for releasing anniversary type sets in the past and it’ll be exciting to see what we’ll be getting next year.

  • Brickfinger

    Pirates! Give those Bluecoat Soldiers that ship they’ve always wanted!

    • Zek Nichole

      Yes My naval officers need a ship (I made one) but seriously the pirates have a greater advantage then the poor Navy do! and a vintage style castle would be awesome having missed out on the castle sets in the 90’s.

  • NRD1138

    I cannot wait, lets see an update and re-release of the Town Plan, or at least do another special city set for the 60 year anniversary. I SERIOUSLY doubt Classic space is coming back in any fashion because it appears LEGO is so afraid of bruising their bottom dollar or Disney’s feelings, not sure which. Pirates could feasibly come back, but if it is anything like their last pirate theme ‘effort’ , they can just not bother IMO.Castle would be interesting, but I cannot imagine much as Nexo knights is still out I think.

    • Purple Dave

      Star Wars is one of their largest and best-selling themes, and is in no danger of losing sales to a competing theme. Rather, it’s the original Space themes that are likely to see their sales cannibalized by the Star Wars juggernaut. That’s not to say they haven’t tried, now. Since 1999, they’ve had Life on Mars, Mars Mission, Space Police III, Alien Conquest, and Galaxy Squad. None have really taken off, though none have had the backing of a TV series like Ninjago, Chima, and Nexo Knights. Castle probably doesn’t have much to fear from Nexo Knights, since it’s almost more of a Space-style theme than Castle.

      All that said, these are anniversary sets, not major themes. Each would be a one-off release, and aimed more at the nostalgia market than trying to capture market share. Since they’ve already done nostalgia box sets celebrating Classic Space, Castle, and Pirates, I’d say all three of those themes are shoe-ins for this sort of promotion. Town and something like Creator are really the only other two themes that seem likely. If this is real and there are going to be five sets, I can’t see how any of those five could logically be excluded in favor of some less enduring theme.

  • Reaven Veaceslav

    More pirates stuff?? I want it. I want it all.