Rumored LEGO Dimensions GameStop Black Friday 2016 Exclusives

LEGO Dimensions Green Arrow (71342) E3 Promo

Here’s some interesting news which comes from my friend Alex about some LEGO Dimensions exclusives for GameStop at Black Friday 2016. He overheard an employee mention that the Supergirl (71340) and Green Arrow (71342) promotional polybags will be exclusives during the shopping event.

As we all know by now, the two minifigure polybags have been pretty rare so far as Supergirl has only been available through the PlayStation 4 Starter Pack as a timed exclusive and the Green Arrow has been given away at various conventions like SDCC, E3, and recently at TwitchCon.

As always, take this piece of news as a rumor until it is confirmed by the GameStop Black Friday ad which should be coming out very soon in which I’ll do an updated post about it.

  • David4

    Makes sense, LEGO probably has some left over.

  • bmart12

    I’d love this, as the Green Arrow figure is the only missing piece from my Dimensions collection. Unless their promo is “Free with new console purchase” in which case I’ll pass.

  • Purple Dave

    I thought Supergirl was given out first at some video game trade convention (not sure if it was E3), and Green Arrow followed almost immediately after. If that’s not the case, maybe that explains why I only ever saw her on eBay right after Brickworld when I couldn’t afford to buy one. Eh, I saved about half the price by buying the PS4 starter off Amazon (who price-matched Best Buy), and I got the parts pack thrown in. But I did spring for a Green Arrow, so if this will be a promo for Gamestop, I’ll be a bit pissed. Maybe. Depends on what I’d need to do to qualify, and if they didn’t all fall out the back door before I could get one.

  • Danni Stocking

    I ordered Lego Dimensions online yesterday from GameStop for Black Friday (which started yesterday). I was checking my order this evening, and it states at the top of the order: “Premium, LEGO Dims Green Arrow” quantity one, with a price of $0.00. I don’t think this is just a rumor. I’ve been trying to find information everywhere about it and this was the only thing I could really find… I guess we’ll see when it all comes around if we receive it with the shipment.