Earlier this morning, I got an email from Laura who is introducing their new site, Toy Brick Co. The UK site specializes in mixed packs that adults can purchase for their children to start their collection. There are no instructions because they focus on the concept of “buy and build” which encourages kids to build with their imagination. The company started on eBay but have recently expanded to a full website. Although they are located in the UK, they do ship internationally.

A new “Buy and Build” website has launched in the UK selling new LEGO and reasonably priced used LEGO worldwide.

The Toy Brick Co offers a selection of new LEGO and genuine, excellent quality, used Lego, including mixed bags of bricks, starter kits, baseplate packs, door and window packs, tree and flower packs, minifig packs and gift packs.

All used Lego is quality checked, properly cleaned and sorted prior to being listed for sale.

The “Bags of new mixed LEGO bricks” have proven most popular and the site’s owners have been inundated with orders of their LEGO starter kits.

Visit www.thetoybrickco.com for more info on their ‘Buy & Build’ LEGO products.

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