Our good friend, Joe Meno (BrickJournal) has stumbled upon how the exclusive LEGO minifigure giveaways will be handled at San Diego Comic Con 2014:

We also received a tip from a reader who emailed LEGO regarding the minifigure giveaway process for this year. The giveaway will take place in the same area as last year – the Pavilion Terrace outside of the Sails Pavilion, but they have made several other changes to the process to avoid the traffic congestion and complaints from last year. Instead of a ticketing process, attendees will walk up to an iPad and hit a button to enter, and they will know immediately if they are a winner. Attendees will have one chance to enter per day – badges will be scanned to prevent people getting in line twice. And like last year, a different minifigure will be given out each day, but it sounds like they won’t announce it until the end of the day, as opposed to announcing the giveaway schedule beforehand as in previous years.

So pretty much the ticketing process will be in the same area as last year, which was a pain to get to if you’re not familiar with the layout of the convention center. Instead of being handed tickets, you will entering digitally via an employee with an iPad. Right then, you’ll know immediately if you’re a winner or not. Also, badges will be scanned each day so people can’t get in line again and enter twice. For this year, the minifigure that will be given away will be announced until the end of the day so you won’t know what you’ll be entering for in the mornings. I, for one, think this is a very good change by LEGO because it will reduce wait time and you’ll know immediately if you’ve won or not with being biased by the employees working there. I’ll be in line everyday like many of you LEGO fans who are attending and hoping to get one of these exclusive minifigs.

**Via SDCC Unofficial Blog**

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