The highly anticipated Series 1 STUDS Builder Trading Cards by Brandon Griffith are now available on These cards were originally for KickStarter backers but now the general public can now purchase them as well. As you can see, there are a number of different products that you can choose from including:

  • STUDS Packs: Each STUDS Pack includes 8 trading cards and 1 Brickforge element. Look for rare chase cards including: Artist Autograph Cards, Custom Fig Cards, and Sketch Cards! – $3
  • STUDS Box: Each STUDS Box includes 28 Packs and contains at least 1 complete factory set, 1 complete custom fig set, and 1 complete poster card set – $75
  • STUDS Factory Set: The STUDS Factory set includes the 96 card base set plus 9 poster card set – $45
  • STUDS Series 1 Binder – $20

Note that Series 1 of the STUDS trading cards are limited so once they sell out, it’s gone forever.

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