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LEGO Architecture Guggenheim Museum (21035) Revealed

LEGO Architecture Guggenheim Museum 21035

The LEGO Architecture theme will be continuing this year and it looks like we have our first look at the Guggenheim Museum (21035) from the LEGO Italian Catalog. This updated version is larger and more detailed than the 2009 version. I believe this the second LEGO Architecture set to be redesigned from one that has been released before with the first being the Burj Khalifa (21008).

The new Guggenheim Museum (21305) joins Sydney (21302), Chicago (21033), and London (21035) as lineup for the Winter 2017 LEGO Architecture sets.

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Custom LEGO Ideas Mazes from the LEGO Community

LEGO Ideas Maze (21305)

The LEGO Ideas Maze (21305)icon has been available for a few weeks now and I’ve been seeing quite a few custom mazes that the community has created. Of course, you have Jason Allemann (JK Brickworks) with the original design as well as a motorized mini golf maze which you can see it going in the video below. Some features of it include a swinging block, the rolling gate, and of course the motorized windmill.

Motorized Mini Golf Maze

Another one from JK Brickworks is his Legends of the Sea which features an underwater scene filled with many objects like a broken in half sunken ship, ancient ruins, and the Kraken.

Marble Maze (Labyrinth) - Legends of the Sea

On to maze designs that I’ve seen not created by Jason include Benny’s Maze by Marcus_Aurelius2 over on Reddit. It shows a very cool design that is made to look like Benny’s Spaceship.

Another very cool one that I’ve found was a Star Wars scene by Chun-Wei Cheng that includes many microbuilds like the X-Wing, TIE Fighter, AT-AT, and the Death Star.

01-star wars maze

John Stephens over on Flickr has created a futuristic factory-themed maze that has robotic arms and the dangling chains which I really like.

Factory Frenzy

Over on Instagram, brick_rhodes has created a golf-themed maze. The main feature is that you have to “drive” the ball off the tee. Although not a real maze, per-se, you have to guide the ball while avoiding traps like the sand traps and water.

Finally, we have two mazes by LeeMcG, one of which is a hidden maze. The idea is to … Continue

LEGO Ideas Maze (21305) Review

LEGO Ideas Maze (21305)

When LEGO announced that the Maze (21305) would be the next released LEGO Ideas set, there was a mixed reaction from fans. Some loved the nostalgia of the old school wooden Labyrinth Marble Maze game including me while others felt that another project would have been a better choice. LEGO has graciously sent us a review copy of the Maze and here is my official review of the set.


LEGO Ideas Maze (21305) Officially Revealed

LEGO Ideas Maze (21305)

LEGO has officially revealed the next LEGO Ideas set with the Maze (21305). The set was conceived by Jason Allemann (JK Brickworks) and it will be available on April 1st for $69.99. Along with the Maze build, the set will also have a removable container to store the balls. Read more about the design process of the Maze (21305) over on their blog post.

LEGO Ideas Maze – The reinvention of a classic!

The latest LEGO Ideas product reinvents the classic ball and labyrinth game, but adds a twist of creative LEGO building to the fun.

Built entirely from LEGO elements, the LEGO Maze consists of a base frame and a simple tip and tilt mechanism made up of LEGO beams and axles. You turn the wheels to move the maze up and down or from side to side guiding the ball away from the traps.

The interchangeable maze system means you can easily swap maze plates without having to rebuild the entire game. Once you’ve mastered the two maze designs included with the set, you will find lots of inspiration to start creating your own mazes using the bricks included or any of your own LEGO elements.

LEGO Ideas Maze (21305)

LEGO Ideas Maze (21305)

LEGO Ideas Maze (21305)


HispaBrick Magazine Reviews LEGO Ideas Maze (21305)

LEGO hasn’t officially revealed the LEGO Ideas Maze (21305) set but some sites have early access to do reviews of them including HispaBrick Magazine. Just a short while ago, they have posted an early review of the set which was designed by JK Brickworks. We also get to clearly see some how the set looks like and how it functions so go check out HispaBrick’s review. I’ll be doing my review in a few weeks time. The Maze (21305) will be available in April at the retail price of $69.99.


LEGO Ideas Labyrinth Marble Maze (21305) Teaser

LEGO has posted a teaser image of the Labyrinth Marble Maze (21305) set over on their Facebook Page and other social media pages. This probably means that we should be getting the official reveal any time now even though it seems like we’ve been waiting forever for it. It’ll be available on April 1st and we already know the details of the set like it having 769 pieces and will retail for $69.99. Rumor has it that it’ll look very similar to the LEGO Ideas project with very small changes. Stay tuned for the reveal.


LEGO Ideas Labyrinth Marble Maze (21305) Set Details

There hasn’t been much information about the upcoming Labyrinth Marble Maze (21305) set since it was announced that it would be the next official LEGO Ideas set but Just2Good has shared some new information about it. It’ll be available in April and will have 769 pieces. This will be the largest CUUSOO/Ideas set that LEGO has produced and the pricing will reflect that retailing for $69.99. In terms of the design of the set, J2G has mentioned that it’ll pretty much look like the set submitted on Ideas, seen above, except that that it’ll have bricks instead of Technic parts for the walls. We should be getting official details of the Labyrinth Marble Maze either in February or March.


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