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LEGO Shop Employee Minifigure Polybag (5001622) Review

Today we have a new review for a fairly older product. Way back in September of 2013, we reported on a new LEGO Shop Employee Minifigure (5001622) polybag that was given out with Shop@Home orders around that time. Now fast forward to the present time. If you made a $75 purchase last November or December, you would’ve received a free LEGO 2015 Wall Calendar which also included coupons to redeem this year for previously exclusive minifigures. For January, you can redeem the LEGO Shop Minifigure with any purchase.

LEGO Shop Minifigure Polybag (5001622)

LEGO Shop Minifigure Polybag (5001622)

The minifigure is the same one that you see prominently displayed on LEGO Shop@Home. He wears a black long-sleeved shirt with grey stripes across the arms and waist. He also has a name badge printing as well. The legs are plain black. For the head, he has a smiling expression. The reddish brown hair is spiky and is similar to the Sleepyhead from the Series 6 Collectible Minifigures (8827). What’s different about this promotional minifigure polybag from others is that it also includes a red 2×4 brick. This brick represents the big one that you usually see standing at LEGO Brand Stores.

LEGO Shop Minifigure Polybag (5001622)

LEGO Shop Minifigure Polybag (5001622)

Overall, the LEGO Shop Employee Minifigure (5001622) is a nice promotional polybag for both when it showed up unexpectedly with orders back in 2013 as well as now with the coupon. It makes a great minifigure if you’re making a LEGO Store MOC. If you missed out on it or aren’t able to get one because you don’t have the coupon from the 2015 Wall … Continue

LEGO Shop Minifigure Polybag (5001622) Details

A couple of weeks ago, we reported there was a new polybag of a LEGO Shop Minifigure Polybag (5001622) with a 2×4 red brick. We weren’t sure of how to obtain the polybag until now. BrickPicker user Brickinfinite has posted how they have managed to get one. They’ve recently received an order from Shop@Home and it was included with the package. There was also a note card saying:

Free Exclusive LEGO Shop Minifigure!

As a thank you for shopping at the Official LEGO Shop and to celebrate the launch of our mobile site, a FREE LEGO Shop Minifigure has been included with your order.

This minifigure is exclusive to the LEGO Shop and can’t be found anywhere else!

Happy Building!

So there you go. It was just a small thank you present for shopping online and for LEGO to promote their new mobile site that recently launched. Brickinfinite also mentions that he just made a purchase through the website although he doesn’t say how much he spent to get it. We’ll give an update as soon as we hear something.


LEGO Store Employee Polybag (5001622) Revealed

LEGO Store Employee (5001622)

The Brick Owl has reported a new LEGO Store Employee (5001622) promotional polybag which includes LEGO Retail Store mascot, Tom, dressed in black with a red 2×4 brick. There’s no word on how we will be able to get the polybag but Brick Owl suggests it might be for purchases of a certain dollar amount. Do any of my LEGO employee friends know anything about this polybag? If so, feel free to comment. Also one more thing. Where is the yellow apron?!?

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