LEGO Shop Minifigure Polybag (5001622) Details

A couple of weeks ago, we reported there was a new polybag of a LEGO Shop Minifigure Polybag (5001622) with a 2×4 red brick. We weren’t sure of how to obtain the polybag until now. BrickPicker user Brickinfinite has posted how they have managed to get one. They’ve recently received an order from [email protected] and it was included with the package. There was also a note card saying:

Free Exclusive LEGO Shop Minifigure!

As a thank you for shopping at the Official LEGO Shop and to celebrate the launch of our mobile site, a FREE LEGO Shop Minifigure has been included with your order.

This minifigure is exclusive to the LEGO Shop and can’t be found anywhere else!

Happy Building!

So there you go. It was just a small thank you present for shopping online and for LEGO to promote their new mobile site that recently launched. Brickinfinite also mentions that he just made a purchase through the website although he doesn’t say how much he spent to get it. We’ll give an update as soon as we hear something.

  • brickinfinite

    Hi, this is brickinfinite. This came with my order of one #10235, Winter Village Market. Thanks for sharing this with the LEGO community.

    I regularly follow your website to stay informed. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks and thank you for sharing how you got it!

    • murphquake

      thanks for sharing, are you in the US or UK?

      • brickinfinite

        The U.S.

  • TheOrcKing

    Talk about your rare minifigure. I’m surprised Lego had not already done him before but it makes sense as a way of promoting the site going mobile.