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LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Bat-Pod (5004590) Parts List & Building Instructions

Back in June, there was a contest by LEGO to giveaway a limited edition LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Bat-Pod (5004590). I was told that winners were sent emails with the tracking number and the sets have already been shipped out. Reddit user uacrobi has already received theirs and they were nice enough to provide a parts list so you can start finding the necessary parts to build your own. They will be providing the building instructions in due time as well. The Bat-Pod (5004590) contains 311 pieces and also includes a very nifty looking box which looks similar to the exclusive sets from San Diego Comic Con except that it’s twice the length. If you’re in need of the parts, head on over to BrickLink to find sellers that have them. Below is the parts list and I’ll do a post of the building instructions when they are available.

Update: As promised, the OP has uploaded the building instructions for the Bat-Pod. The original copy was 100MB but I’ve condensed the file size to less than 20MB without losing quality. You can download it here. Just rotate the PDF clockwise to see it the right way.

Part Number Color Amount Needed
6037869 White 2
4142865 Red 3
4206482 Blue 10
4514553 Blue 5
300426 Black 1
300326 Black 1
306226 Black 4
4185583 Black 1
241226 Black 2
302326 Black 4
306826 Black 1
302126 Black 2
371026 Black 1
4243819 Black 2
6000650 Black 3
4556158 Black 2
4613759 Black 1
4183060 Black

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Bat-Pod (5004590) Winners Being Notified

Back in June, LEGO held a contest to giveaway a limited edition LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Bat-Pod (5004590) to some lucky fans. LEGO has finally chosen the winners and emails like the one below are being sent out. I’m not sure if they’re all went out at one time or going out in batches so check your spam folders for an email from [email protected] if you’re from the US/CA. Europeans will be notified from [email protected]. After you get the email, you aren’t the winner yet. You’ll have to respond to the email to claim your prize by the end of next week. Congrats to all the winners and hopefully someone is kind enough to post the instructions for those who want to recreate their own.


More Details of LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Bat-Pod (5004590) Contest

Limited Edition Bat-Pod Promo

Various members of the LEGO CEE Team has given more details of the limited edition LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Bat-Pod (5004590) that will be part of the LEGO VIP members only promotion in June. We now know that the Bat-Pod itself will contain 311 pieces and does not include any minifigures but will come with the full set of instructions.

As I reported before, there will only be 750 of the sets produced which you can only get by being one of the lucky winners of the contests. You heard that right. There are actually two contests that will run concurrently during the month of June, one for North America and the other one for the rest of countries with Shop@Home excluding South Korea. For this contest, all you have to do is make a LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes purchase any time from June 1-30 at the LEGO Store or on Shop@Home and you’re entered. The other contest that will be running at the same time is only for North America which is the free daily email entry. The instructions for that are in the image above. The drawings will be held in mid-July and winners will be contacted directly.

**Image via AC Pin**


LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Limited Edition Bat-Pod (5004590) Promotion in June

Limited Edition Bat-Pod Promo

The June 2015 LEGO Store Calendar is already being passed out here and AC Pin over on his Flickr has revealed that there will be a LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes VIP members-only promotion to win 1 of the 750 Limited Edition LEGO DC Super Heroes Bat-Pod (5004590) . The set will not be able to be purchased but you can enter by making a LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes purchase at LEGO Brand Stores and on Shop@Home from June 1-30. You can also enter the contest by sending an email to [email protected] and stating your name, VIP Number, and “Bat-Pod” in the subject line. The winners of the 750 Bat-Pod sets will be announced in mid-July.


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