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Last Day for LEGO Marvel Bricktober and Ford Mustang Keychain Promotions

Today is the last day for the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Bricktober 2018 (5005256) promotion on Shop@Home. Once this promo is over, the minifigures that are included will be a little harder to get since they are exclusive to this set.

In addition, LEGO is also throwing in the LEGO Ford Mustang Keychain (5005822) with any purchase of $149.99 or more even though it was originally bundled in with a purchase of the Ford Mustang (10265). I’m not sure if this a bug or of it is intentional as it shows up in your cart either way so get in on it before they find out about the mistake.


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Bricktober 2018 (5005256) Promotion Now Live

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Bricktober 2018 (5005256)

The gift-with-purchase promotion for the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Bricktober set is now live on Shop@Home. You can get it for free with purchases of $75 or more. This minifigure collection is the last one from last year’s wave. The promotion will run from now until March 10, while supplies last.

The Marvel minifigure collection contains minifigures of War Machine, Wong, Tony Stark, and Bucky Barnes. You can check out my review of the set here.

In addition, if you purchase the LEGO Creator Ford Mustang (10265), you’ll also get the promotional keychain as well so there’s a great reason to get this set in the next few days.


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Bricktober 2018 (5005256) Review

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Bricktober 2018 (5005256)

As we get ready for Avengers: End Game, LEGO will soon finally be releasing the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Bricktober (5005256) minifigure collection as part of an upcoming promotion. If you collected and built the Infinity War sets, you may have noticed that some characters were missing from the lineup. Fortunately, they finally showed up in the Bricktober set, but for the US, this set was never released. Thanks to LEGO, we’ve gotten our hands on this minifigure set a little early to check out.


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Bricktober 2018 (5005256) Promotion Coming in March

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Bricktober 2018 (5005256)

It’s a busy news day today and this piece of news is no exception even if it’s not New York Toy Fair related. I have just received confirmation that the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Bricktober 2019 (5005256) will indeed be coming to the United States next month. It will be a gift-with-purchase promotion at LEGO Stores and on Shop@Home from March 1-7 with purchases of $75 or more of Marvel products. I’m assuming to coincide with the release of the Avengers: Endgame sets since some stores overseas have already started selling them. So for those who have been waiting to complete the Bricktober 2018 sets, you can rest assured that we don’t have to resort to the secondary market to get it. Thanks to my close contact for the heads up!

Update: I’ve been told that it is with any LEGO purchase of $75 or more, not just on Marvel sets so that makes it even easier!


LEGO Marvel Bricktober 2018 (5005256) Set May Not Be Available in US

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Bricktober 2018 (5005256)

A lot of you may have been waiting to get your hands on the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Bricktober 2019 (5005256) set but I have some news about it that you may not like. I’ve been told by a source that it was only available in North America at Toys R Us Canada and we might not even see it being available at LEGO Brand Stores/Shop@Home. It also seems unlikely that we’ll also be seeing the Harry Potter (5005254) set at LBR and S@H but fortunately, Barnes & Noble still has their promo going for it until December 26.

Going back to the Marvel minifigure set, it’s a bummer that we won’t see it at LEGO Stores but there’s still a very slim chance that it could go to another retailer early next year however I won’t hold my breath. Currently the only way to get it is on the secondary market or if you have connections to someone in Canada or overseas.


LEGO Bricktober 2018 Sets Revealed

LEGO Bricktober 2018

A few months ago, I reported on some rumored LEGO Bricktober 2018 sets and it looks like we now have a first look at the sets that come from a German Toys R Us flyer. There will be four sets in the wave and they include various LEGO themes including LEGO Harry Potter (5005254), LEGO Jurassic World (5005255), LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (5005256), and LEGO Ninjago (5005257).

The LEGO Harry Potter set will include minifigures of Madam Rolanda Hooch, Professor Horace Slughorn, Dolores Umbridge, and Boggart Snape.

THe LEGO Jurassic World set will have Ian Malcolm, Claire Dearing, Owen Grady, and a small velociraptor.

The LEGO Ninjago set will have characters from the Sons of Garmadon storyline.

Finally the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes set will have War Machine, Wong, Tony Stark with the Mark 50 arc reactor, and White Wolf/Bucky.

There’s no word yet if the LEGO Bricktober 2018 sets will be available outside of Toys R Us but if you look closely at the sets, you’ll notice that there is no Toys R Us printing like with sets from previous years so it makes me think that they will be available elsewhere.

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