There have been some new battle packs that have been showing up at LEGO stores which was first reported on Brickset by murphquake and jlbblue. These new battle packs include a Ninjago Accessory set (850632), a LEGO City Police Accessory set (850617), and a LEGO City Fire Accessory set (850618). All three of these packs retail for $14.99.

The Ninjago battle pack contains 36 pieces and includes Zane ZX, Jay ZX, a Stone Warrior, a Stone Scout, and a small weapons rack.

Ninjago Accessory Pack 850632 Ninjago Accessory Pack 850632

The Police battle pack has 34 pieces and contains four policemen and a dog. There is also a new metal detector piece with one of the officers.

City Elite Police Accessory Pack 850617 City Elite Police Accessory Pack 850617

The Fire battle pack has 43 pieces has three firemen/woman as well as the fire chief.

City Fire Accessory Pack850618 City Fire Accessory Pack850618