LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Box Art

We’re back again with another guide for LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. This time we’re giving you information on how to do all the Adam West in Peril quests. There are 16 locations where you have to find and rescue him from danger and when you do all the quests, you can play as Adam West and unlock the “The Bright Knight” achievement/trophy.

Level 1: Pursuers in the Sewers

Location: Right before you you enter Killer Croc’s lair, you’ll see a Solomon Gundy pad towards the front of the screen. Use him and he’ll dig up an air pump. Step on it with a character and it’ll flush a green liquid out and it “frees” Adam below.

Level 2: Breaking BATS!

Location: At the top middle part of the area, there is a gold box that you can destroy. Build the pieces to reveal a Green Lantern pad. Use him and he’ll make a slide for Adam to come down from the rock on the waterfall.

Level 3: Space Suits You, Sir!

Location: After you reach the rotating satellite area of the stage, you’ll see Adam on top of a smaller satellite. You may have to rotate your camera a little to find him. Shoot it down and Adam will drop down too.

Level 4: Space Station Infestation

Location: At the beginning of the Joker boss battle, you’ll see a Plastic Man pad next to the dance floor. Use him to get to the upper level. There are some breakable items to the left. Use a … Continue