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New LEGO In-Store Action App Now Available

LEGO has set a goal this year to leverage digitalisation and they have been doing that with the new LEGO Fusion sets as well as apps like LEGO Connect. Today they have released their latest app called LEGO In-Store Action.

This free app allows you to scan special LEGO posters at select stores which will reveal an animated LEGO Minifigure so you can take a picture with it and share with your friends and family.

– Scan special LEGO posters in stores with your smartphone or tablet camera to take an awesome photo with a LEGO Minifigure!
– When scanning a poster, the Minifigures will come to life and animate in fun poses for tons of different photo opportunities. Pause the animation at any time to compose the perfect photo!
– The app will be updated frequently, so be sure to check back often to see if new Minifigures have been added…can you snap them all? Who will you find next?
– Not at a store? No problem! The app also features two Minifigures you can take pictures with without scanning the in-store posters, right in your own home.


LEGO Ultra Agents App Now Available for Apple iOS

LEGO Ultra Agents App

The new LEGO Ultra Agents game is now available on iTunes for Apple iOS users. The free-to-play game puts you as an Ultra Agents and you have to find clues and solve mysteries in Astor City. Play through six episodes featuring all the Super Villains of the theme such as Infearno and Toxikita to name a few. Learn more about the world of Ultra Agents with the game and there may be a secret about the future of the Ultra Agents theme. Check out my review of the Android version and you can download it on Google Play.


LEGO Mixels Calling All Mixels App Update

LEGO Mixels Calling All Mixels App

With the recent release of Series 2 of the LEGO Mixels, the Calling All Mixels app has also gone a major update to include the newest Mixels to the lineup. There are also new lands for you to explore and objectives to complete. If you already have the app downloaded, you can just update it to get the latest content. If you don’t have the game yet, it is $3.99 on Google Play and $1.99 on iTunes.

  • Unlock 9 new Mixels from three new tribes, each with powerful new abilities! Check out the chilly Frosticons, the sharp-toothed Fang Gang and the stretchable Flexers!
  • The new tribes also come with a whole bunch of new mixes and Maxes with incredible new powers.
  • We added three new lands with new objectives and challenges.
  • We added new quests with valuable rewards.
  • There are a ton of new unlockable Extras, including Mixels videos, building instructions and inspirations.
  • Now it’s easier to track the Mixels you have. A new user interface lets you quickly see how many Mixels you’ve rescued, and how many are still trapped.
  • You can watch Mixels videos right inside the app. Just tap the “Video” button to pull in and watch any of the Mixels shorts.
  • Now you can scan any game codes you get instead of entering them manually. Just take a pic of the game code to register them inside the app.
  • We added a new leveling system for Mixels. You can still level up your Mixels by playing and earning XP. But now

LEGO Ultra Agents Google Play App Review

LEGO Ultra Agents App

The new LEGO Ultra Agents sets are now available and LEGO is also promoting the free app along with the sets. The app has six different missions to complete, one for each of the Super Villains of the theme: Adam Acid, Tremor, Infearno, Toxikita, Psyclone, and Terabyte.

Each mission or episode consists of a comic that you read as well as interact with at certain scenes whenever a dropbox shows up on the upper-right hand side of the screen. Depending on the situation, you have three different tools you can use to figure out clues: x-ray, analyzer, and telephoto. If you use the correct tool, the beeping will get faster and faster. There are six clues to uncover for each comic and if you get all of them, you can unlock instructions for a mini-build using the corresponding set, if you have the set.

Also with each episode, there is a game that you can play or skip if you like. Complete the game perfectly and you can get three stars. An object of three of the games is to avoid obstacles while chasing down the villain. For Episode 2: Tremor Takedown, you have to shoot at Tremor three times in three different areas before time runs out. For the other two episodes, you have to correctly press the direction to match the arrow given. All the games aren’t too difficult and you can easily get three stars for every episode.

I’ve completed every episode to the fullest and it may seem there will be more … Continue

LEGO Ultra Agents App Now Available on Google Play

LEGO Ultra Agents App

The new LEGO Ultra Agents app is now available on Google Play. This free app features an interactive comic in six episodes and also six different games that you can play. Learn more about the Ultra Agents and the Super Villains of the theme as well as Astor City. Find clues and solve puzzles to protect the city and further your progress in the game. You can also track how much you’ve done and your achievements with the app. My first impression of the app is pretty positive and I’ll do a review as soon as I complete the game.

LEGO Ultra Agents App

LEGO Ultra Agents App

LEGO Ultra Agents App


LEGO Mini Mi App Update

Last month featured the release of a neat little app called Mini Mi and yesterday the developers released Version 1.1 for the app. The update makes the app runs much faster and a lot lighter on your devices. There were also some bugs that were fixed as well. In addition, you can now use the Mini Mi app on older iPod Touch devices. The devs are currently working on their next update which will include a native iPad version and also more expansion packs. Android fans will also be glad to know that the developers are working on an app for those devices.

The app is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad and requires iOS 6.0 or later. Expansion packs are $0.99 each but you can unlock all of them for $3.99. Did you know there are also secret codes that you can enter to get items for you Mini Me? Here’s a couple of them if you didn’t get them yet: “ledzep”, “minico”, “thewho”, and “sinvdr andcello”. Just follow the instructions below and enter the codes without the quotes to get your item(s). New codes are revealed on their Facebook and Twitter every Tuesday and Thursday.


LEGO Build with Chrome – Nyan Cat

Yesterday, I did a post of a new application from LEGO and Google called Build. My good friend Erica, from, has created a model of Nyan Cat using Build. From what I see, it looks really amazing even though there were only limited colors for her to use. If you didn’t know it was made with LEGO bricks, you’d probably thought it was a real picture of Nyan Cat. Head over to Build today, create something, and you may get featured.

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