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BrickCon 2020 to be Online Event

BrickCon has announced that this year’s LEGO convention is going to be online from October 2-4. Like with their physical event, the online show will feature awards, classes, workshops, prizes, vendors, and more. This year’s theme is “Hindsight” which lets builders show what inspired their builds. Check out the details of BrickCon 2020 below.

BrickCon 2020 to be the largest ever online gathering of adult LEGO builders

The 19th annual convention of LEGO hobbyists is scaling up and moving online Oct. 2nd – 4th

SEATTLE, July 15, 2020: BrickCon has announced that its annual LEGO fan convention and public exhibition is going online. BrickCon 2020 will be held Oct. 2 – 4 and will offer adult LEGO builders a full online convention featuring awards, classes, workshops, prizes, vendors and more. The convention will be organized using several online platforms including the BrickCon YouTube channel with specific details to be announced soon.

“Based on the current status of the COVID-19 outbreak in the U.S. and to help protect people’s health, we have decided to change course with BrickCon 2020 and shift the convention to being fully online,” said Steven Walker, Director of BrickCon. “This means we are actually scaling up the convention to be the biggest simultaneous gathering of LEGO fans ever assembled online. We are translating the entire in-person BrickCon experience to a digital format.”

For BrickCon 2020, adult LEGO builders can expect an online version of the MOC exhibition featuring photos and video submissions. Awards will be given for LEGO creations in each theme like


BrickCon 2016 Builder Registration Now Open

If you want to be a registered attendee for BrickCon 2016, the registration for the event is now open. This means you can bring your MOCs, attend games and activities, access to seminars and presentation, and more. You’ll also get two engraved, customizable 1×8 bricks as well as the red BrickCon 2016 brick.

Early Bird Registration – until August 1st – $65
Regular Registration – August 2nd through September 18th – $75
Late Registration – September 19th through September 25th – $100
At-The-Door Registration – Beginning September 30th – $120

This year’s theme is MADNESS.

MADNESS – What is it?

Is it Anger? Hysteria? Absurdity? Foolishness? Mania? Delusion? Stupidity? Lunacy? Craziness?

Explore what MADNESS means to you.

Build something to show us your MADNESS!


My BrickCon 2012 Story

As LEGO fans, we like to help out the community if we can. This past weekend, BrickCon 2012 was going on in Seattle. With some luck, I managed to receive some tickets to go to the event but something came up at the last moment and I couldn’t go. As a result, I was stuck with a pair of tickets that I couldn’t use. I had to find a way to make them not go to waste.

As a member of Chris Pirillo’s Gnomies community, I knew that he lives in Seattle so I reached out to him to see if he or someone he knew could use the tickets. Chris already had his tickets, but fortunately he knew someone who could use them. Oleg Moskalensky was the person that we thought would be the best choice. Oleg has a son who’s been though a lot the past few weeks and he thought BrickCon would be a great way to cheer him up. To Oleg’s surprise, he received the pair of tickets and today, Oleg and his son went to one of the biggest LEGO conventions in the West Coast. To see the pictures Oleg took with his son at BrickCon, head over to his Google+ page.

In the end, it certainly feels good to help someone put a smile on a child’s face. I hope to get out to my first BrickCon some day, but in my opinion, this was way better than me going this year.


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