If you want to be a registered attendee for BrickCon 2016, the registration for the event is now open. This means you can bring your MOCs, attend games and activities, access to seminars and presentation, and more. You’ll also get two engraved, customizable 1×8 bricks as well as the red BrickCon 2016 brick.

Early Bird Registration – until August 1st – $65
Regular Registration – August 2nd through September 18th – $75
Late Registration – September 19th through September 25th – $100
At-The-Door Registration – Beginning September 30th – $120

This year’s theme is MADNESS.

MADNESS – What is it?

Is it Anger? Hysteria? Absurdity? Foolishness? Mania? Delusion? Stupidity? Lunacy? Craziness?

Explore what MADNESS means to you.

Build something to show us your MADNESS!

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