BrickFair Alabama 2015 will be happening in just a few days and if you haven’t there been, it’s a place where you can check out some cool LEGO MOCs that are displayed by numerous builders. There are also plenty of vendors where you can buy stuff as well. The LEGO Group will most likely be there as well (or at least a representative) and there’s a very slight chance that there could be a set reveal there this weekend.

My reasoning is that according to our list of upcoming 2015 exclusive sets, the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes UCS Avengers Helicarrier (76042) is slated to be released for VIP members next month and BrickFair Alabama is the perfect time to reveal the set for fans. LEGO did something similar at the same event two years ago when they revealed the LEGO Creator Palace Cinema (10232) so putting two and two together, it could happen. So stay tuned this weekend as we could finally see images of the highly anticipated UCS Avengers Helicarrier. Fingers crossed!

BrickFair Alabama 2015 will be held at the Birmingham Convention Center (East Hall) from January 17-18 and tickets can be purchased at the door.

**Note: This post isn’t a confirmation or anything. It’s just my opinions.**