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BrickMagic 2015 LEGO Festival Press Release

Joe Meno from BrickJournal has sent us some more details for BrickMagic 2015 which will be happening in Charlotte, North Carolina from May 7-10. One of the new things that has been announced is the cool 90-piece LEGO Speed Racer Mach 5 MOC designed by Joe that AFOLs will be getting in their goodie bags. Check out the full press release for BrickMagic 2015 LEGO Festival below.

The 4th Annual BrickMagic LEGO Festival is picking up steam, and we want you to know just some of the great swag and programming that’ll be waiting for you in Charlotte NC over Mother’s Day weekend, May 7-10.

Here’s the latest additions to the Goodie Bag that every AFOL will receive with their registration for BrickMagic 2015:

  • Combat Weapons Pack, Assorted Food Pack (minifig-scale food & drink), and a custom-printed Minifig and large BrickJournal printed cover tile (courtesy of Eclipse Grafx)
  • Special attendee printed premiums (courtesy of Citizen Brick)
  • The limited edition BrickMagic 2015 event kit: Speed Racer’s Mach 5 in miniscale! (90 parts, designed by Joe Meno)
  • At least two current sets from an assortment that we’re ordering from LEGO, just for AFOLs!

We’ll also have these new programming opportunities for AFOLs:

  • BrickMagic Hands-On Museum: BrickJournal’s Geoff Gray will be bringing a treasure trove of antique LEGO sets, books, and other rarely-seen items from the LEGO Group to display. His collection starts in the late ‘60s and includes many rare sets and items, including 4.5 volt trains, Samsonite sets, and rare books signed by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, the

BrickMagic 2015 LEGO Festival Happening in May

The 4th annual BrickMagic LEGO Festival will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina from May 7-10, with the last two days being the public days. Check out the full press release below:

The Magic is BACK! Come see friends new and old at the revival of everyone’s favorite event – BrickMagic! This May, the 4th Annual LEGO fan event is coming to Charlotte, North Carolina, May 7-10. There will be 4 days of builder events and activities and two days of public displays along with fun games, contests, and prizes you don’t want to miss! We are also working with the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation to raise money and help support medical care for children in need.

Our Special guest is the original BrickNerd, Tommy Williamson, host of the BrickNerd podcast and outstanding builder and visual effects artist. Since BrickJournal is one of the organizers of the event, editor Joe Meno will be close by to hang out and share stories from his travels. And most importantly, your fellow builders from around country will be at BrickMagic. More information about contests and seminars will be announced as we get closer to the event, so stay tuned at! Better yet, sign up and see all the fun first-hand! Registration is $60 until April 15. See you there!


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