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LEGO IKEA BYGGLEK Products Found in Germany

Way back in June 2019, LEGO announced a partnership with IKEA for BYGGLEK which are some new products that stimulate play around the home. We haven’t heard anything about it since then until today when Promobricks has shown off the first products that are now available and have been found in Germany. BYGGLEK so far consists of three products of various sizes as well as a LEGO set. The small box (26x18x12 cm) costs 12.99 euros. The medium sized box (35x26x12) costs 14.99 euros. There is also a combi box that goes for 9.99 euros. The LEGO BYGGLEK (40337) set costs 14.99 euros.

So far the only known place the LEGO IKEA BYGGLEK can be found is in Mannheim, Germany. There’s no word yet on when or where the new range of products will be available in other countries and they can’t be found online either.

What do you think of the first products for this collaboration? Is it what you expected or did you expect to see more color?


LEGO and IKEA Announces BYGGLEK to Promote Creative Play

Last year, LEGO announced they will be collaborating with the popular Swedish furniture IKEA to promote more creative play in the home environment. After that announcement, we really didn’t hear much about it ever since but recently, IKEA put out a press release to announce BYGGLEK which are some new products coming out in 2020 to stimulate play around the home. Although LEGO is geared towards kids, BYGGLEK will cater towards everyone, kids and adults alike. There’s not much else revealed from the press release but I’m sure more details will emerge by the end of the year.


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