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LEGO Ideas Second 2015 Review Results Announced

Earlier today while I was as work, LEGO has announced the results for the projects from the Second 2015 Review Stage that will be now become official LEGO Ideas sets in the near future. Yes, you hear that right, sets, as in two has passed the review stage and have now moved on to the design phase and well on their way to becoming sets that we will be able to purchase

The first project will please classic car fans as the Caterham Super Seven by Carl Greatrix is the first set announced. The project is based on the British sports car.

The other project will be become an official LEGO Ideas set is the Brick-Built Adventure Time Figures by aBetterMonkey. Now you will be able to create your favorite characters from the hit TV series.

LEGO Ideas has also announced that the Star Citizen F7A Hornet, which has been through two review periods, will not be considered any longer.

Of course, there’s no details of pricing and availability for the Caterham Super Seven the the Brick-Built Adventure Time Figures but I’ll let you know once the information becomes available.


LEGO Ideas Caterham Super Seven Achieves 10,000 Supporters

Just as the results of the Third 2014 LEGO Ideas Review Stage was announced earlier today, another project joins the ranks of potentially becoming an official set. The Caterham Super Seven by bricktrix_Carl is now the latest project to achieve 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas. It project comprises of two of the super-lightweight sports cars in yellow and dark green. Another details of the cars is that there is an option to remove the hood to see the engine details.

Overall, the project shows off a very sleek and realistic look to the iconic cars and looks to be a very fun build. The project now joins the Brick-Built Adventure Time Figures has the ones so far to reach 10k supporters in the Second 2015 Review Stage. It’s still very early in this session so I expect to see quite a few more projects reached the milestone in the next few weeks/months.


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