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LEGO Technic Co-Creation Model (41999) Pricing Details

LEGO Technic Co-Creation Model (41999)

Although everything so far hush hush about the LEGO Technic Co-Creation Model (41999), LEGO has released the pricing details on the set. It will run $199.99 US, $249.99 CA, £139.99 UK, €179.99 DE, and 1499 DKK. There will be a production run of only 20000 and pre-orders of the “You Design It We Make It” set will start pre-orders on July 1st and be available on August 1st.

Update: Nathan from the comments notes that LEGO has updated their Facebook page with the following: ” There will NOT be a pre-order beginning on July 1st. It will instead be available for purchase on August 1st.”

New images of the 4×4 Crawler can be seen here.

The set is now available at LEGO Stores and on Shop@Homeicon.


LEGO Technic Challenge Winner Model 41999 Sneak Peak

LEGO Technic Co-Creation Model (41999)

Jeppe Juul Jensen from the official Technic: Designers blog has posted a sneak peak of what the winning 4×4 Crawler will look like from the “You Design It, We Make It” Technic Challenge. The model was created by Egor Karshiev (rm88) which took him about 7 weeks of designing and building. As you can see from the image below, there’s been some subtle changes from the entry model to the final version with the color change being the most prominent one. The wheels also gets updated as well. There will only be 20,000 of this set being produced by LEGO and has an expected release date of August 1, 2013. There will also be pre-orders for the set on July 1 on Shop@Homeicon. Will you be picking up this set when it becomes available?


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