LEGO Technic Co-Creation Model (41999)

Although everything so far hush hush about the LEGO Technic Co-Creation Model (41999), LEGO has released the pricing details on the set. It will run $199.99 US, $249.99 CA, £139.99 UK, €179.99 DE, and 1499 DKK. There will be a production run of only 20000 and pre-orders of the “You Design It We Make It” set will start pre-orders on July 1st and be available on August 1st.

Update: Nathan from the comments notes that LEGO has updated their Facebook page with the following: ” There will NOT be a pre-order beginning on July 1st. It will instead be available for purchase on August 1st.”

New images of the 4×4 Crawler can be seen here.

The set is now available at LEGO Stores and on Shop@Homeicon.

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