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Doctor Who Project on LEGO CUUSOO Already Surpassed 5,000 Supporters

It’s only been a week since LEGO CUUSOO announced that they would start accepting Doctor Who projects and so far there have been many projects listed but one of them is leading the pack. That one is created by GlenBricker in collaboration with Kaminoan and is simply named Doctor Who. The project suggests 5-7 minifigures, K-9, and 3 brick-built Daleks with the TARDIS and the console. Currently as of this writing, it already has quickly amassed 6,980 supporters so we know that the demand is there for an official set. CUUSOO has also sent out their official comments for passing 5,000 supporters. Since there are so many Doctor Who projects listed, we can’t feature them all but be sure to check out all the ones listed and spread the word about them. Maybe yours will be the next one reaching 5,000 supporters and on your way to getting 10,000.

Congratulations on 5,000+ Supporters!


That pretty blue police box does more than just police boxing. It’s a time machine. Don’t believe me? Just look at how quickly this project reached 5,000 supporters! Aside from the beautiful TARDIS this project offers Minifigures, a K-9 and brick build Daleks. We think it is safe to say that the essence of Doctor Who is captured in the awesome project.

Remember that LEGO CUUSOO is set up to produce individual sets, so we suggest you prioritize and reduce the number of minifigures you recommend be included in a potential LEGO set. Otherwise we would like the liberty to choose


Doctor Who Galore on LEGO CUUSOO

A few days ago, we reported that LEGO CUUSOO has changed their License Conflicts and Resolutions and have begun accepting projects based on Doctor Who. Whovians who are also fans of LEGO can now rejoice as it may seem that there could be an official Doctor Who set released sometime in the future. Since the announcement, there have been a myriad of projects that have already been submitted to CUUSOO. Check out all the projects and show your support if you like what you see. If you also have an idea that could be worthy of the number of supporters needed, then feel free to submit your project and perhaps your idea could be the one that gets to 10,000 supporters first!


LEGO CUUSOO Now Accepting Doctor Who Projects

LEGO CUUSOO has updated the License Conflicts and Resolutions section of their Knowledge Base and something interesting has surfaced. Before today, projects on CUUSOO that were based on Doctor Who themes may have been turned down or rejected due it having conflict with other companies who had the license to produce Doctor Who products such as Character Building. We can now report that LEGO CUUSOO now welcomes projects based on Doctor Who which probably means that Character Building does not have the license anymore. Does this also mean that we could maybe possibly see Doctor Who sets in the future? Who knows but at least people can now submit projects based on the very popular TV show and can hope that it will pass the review stage to become an official CUUSOO set!


Doctor Who 50th Anniversary – The Day of the LEGO Doctor

Day of the Doctor -- LEGO Style

Today is a very special day for Doctor Who fan because today is The Day of the Doctor. The highly popular TV series celebrates their 50th Anniversary today and our friend Mariann over at Model Building Secrets has created some builds to mark the occasion. She has created not only the 10th and 11th Doctors, but she has also created River Song and the iconic TARDIS all in Miniland scale. Now we just wait a little bit longer for the episode to air on BBC.

LEGO Tardis

Doctor and River in Utah

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