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LEGO Dimensions Confirms Portal 2 and Doctor Who Level Packs

LEGO Dimensions

Many of you may have saw this on Brickset while I at work but apparently LEGO has decided to publish the instructions (now removed) for the LEGO Dimensions Back to the Future Level Pack (71201) which confirms the LEGO Portal 2 and LEGO Doctor Who themes for the upcoming toys-to-life game. Other themes that have been newly revealed for LEGO Dimensions include Scooby-Doo Team Pack (71206) and The Simpsons Level Pack (71202) which we already could tell from the blurry image we saw last month as well as Jurassic World Team Pack (71205).

LEGO Dimensions The Simpsons Level Pack (71202)

LEGO Dimensions Jurassic World Team Pack (71205)

LEGO Dimensions Scooby-Doo Team Pack (71206)

The Portal 2 Level Pack (71203) includes a Chell minifigure, a Weighted Companion Cube, and Sentry Turrent. The Doctor Who Level Pack (71204) includes Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, the TARDIS, and K-9. Also in the Doctor Who instructions (now removed), the licensing page mentions Dalek and Cyberman so could we possibly be seeing them in future packs?

LEGO Dimensions Portal 2 (71203)

LEGO Dimensions Doctor Who Level Pack (71204)

For the Jurassic World Team Pack (71205), we have the Owen and ACU Trooper minifigures, a brick-built Velociraptor, and what appears to be the gyrosphere. Surprisingly, the Owen minifigure will be the second set for the character considering that he’s the main character in Jurassic World and he’s only in the Raptor Rampage (75917) set. For the Scooby-Doo Team Pack (71206), we have the Scooby and Shaggy minifigures, the Mystery Machine, and a pile of food.

If you’re just wanting some of the new characters like Chell and the Doctor and was wondering if the minifigures come off the bases for your enjoyment, rest assured that they … Continue

LEGO Ideas Doctor Who Teaser Video

LEGO Ideas Doctor Who

Ever since LEGO announced that there will be a LEGO Ideas Doctor Who set, it’s been fairly quiet on that front. There’s also been a rumor that I reported of a potential release date but it’s exactly what it is, just a rumor for now.

However for those who haven’t seen it yet, on the LEGO Club site, there’s a short 0:19 teaser of LEGO Ideas Doctor Who with the title “Materialising 2015.” The video has the TARDIS sound while the LEGO logo is materialising. At the end you can see Peter Calpaldi’s version of the Doctor appear as well. The video doesn’t show much than what we’ve seen before but it gives us a taste of what’s to come in the near future.


LEGO Doctor Who Release Date?

LEGO Ideas Doctor Who

Earlier today, I reported on some details of the LEGO Ideas The Big Bang Theory and WALL•E sets with info given to me by my contact. The same contact has provided the release month(s) for the LEGO Ideas Doctor Who set is rumored to be around October or November and New Zealand in January 2016. It was also stated that it was apparently delayed for some reason. Given that, the official reveal of the set probably won’t happen for a few more months.

There hasn’t been much details about the Doctor Who set except for the teaser image of a partial Peter Capaldi’s minifigure head. LEGO fans along with Whovians will have to wait a little longer for more details to be released.


LEGO Announces LEGO Ideas Doctor Who and WALL-E Sets

LEGO Ideas Doctor Who

A few days ago, we reported that a Doctor Who project would indeed become a LEGO Ideas set and today LEGO has confirmed that rumor. The project by Andrew Clark, Doctor Who and Companions, will become LEGO Ideas set #12. It’s rumored that all 13 incarnations of the Doctor will be included in the set so I hope that’s true. For you Whovians, your request of an official LEGO set has been achieved. This also makes the second project from a TV show that will become a LEGO set with The Big Bang Theory being the first.

LEGO has also finished their review of the Second 2014 period and the WALL-E project by Angus MacLane will become the 11th set to be produced. Angus is an animator and director who actually worked on the film and he was done a great job creating the model. WALL-E was released in theaters back in 2008 and became a box office hit which earned it the Best Animated Feature Film at the 81st Academy Awards.

The design, pricing, and availability of both newly designated LEGO Ideas sets are still being work on and will be released later this year. Congratulations to both of the project creators. The third 2014 LEGO Review is already underway and we can expect the results late spring/early summer.

On a side note, I did see this news early this morning but I was not able to be at the computer. I appreciate everyone who emailed in about it.


New LEGO Ideas Doctor Who Set Rumor

Somehow I missed this last week but there’s an interesting rumor coming out of Eurobricks regarding the Doctor Who projects on LEGO Ideas. There wasn’t much detail given but it stated “something involving all 13.” To give a little background, two Doctor Who projects hit 10,000 supporters during the First 2014 Review Stage and their results have been in limbo since then. LEGO is close to revealing the Second 2014 Stage results, or so they’ve said last month, and will also be sharing the results of the Doctor Who projects as well along with it.

With this new piece of information, it may suggest that LEGO will indeed be producing a set involving all 13 Doctors. I’m not as familiar with the hit TV show as I should be so correct me if I’m wrong. Technically, Peter Capaldi is the Twelfth Doctor but this also includes John Hurt’s War Doctor between Paul McGann’s Eighth and Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth so that makes all thirteen of them.

What could this mean for a possible LEGO Ideas set? I have absolutely no clue. Don’t get your hopes up yet because this rumor could be totally false and this post was for naught but if it was approved, I would guess that it could be a set with the TARDIS that includes a stand for all the incarnations of the Doctor. It’s been a while since we’ve had any updates from the LEGO Ideas team so many fans are anxious to see the results. What are your thoughts on this … Continue

LEGO CUUSOO Doctor Who and Companions Achieves 10,000 Supporters

The Doctor Who and Companions project by Andrew Clark has achieved 10,000 supporters on LEGO CUUSOO and becomes the latest set to reach the first review stage of the year. It also becomes the second Doctor Who project to reach the review stage ever since LEGO started allowing these projects to be submitted with the first project being GlenBricker’s version. This version features the TARDIS and it is able to open up to show the inside Console. It also includes a Dalek and proposes a few versions of the Doctor and Companions.

With this new Doctor Who project also reaching the required number of supporters, we can see that the fan base is definitely is there and fans of the TV series do want to see it as an official LEGO set. Whether or not either project will pass the review stage still remains to be seen. It now joins the LEGO Bird Project, the Modular Apple Store, the BTTF – Jules Verne Train, the previously mentioned Doctor Who project by GlenBricker, and The Big Bang Theory in the review stage with a month left until the deadline for any more projects joining the list. Congratulations to Andrew for this achievement. We’ll have the official comments as soon as they are available.

Congratulations on 10,000 supporters, AndrewClark2!


Dear AndrewClark2,

Old and new Doctor Who fans can now rejoice that this project has reached 10,000 supporters!

You’ve done a great job converting the adventures through time and space, which all started in


LEGO CUUSOO Doctor Who Achieves 10,000 Supporters

The Doctor Who project by GlenBricker and Kaminoan is the latest project to achieve 10,000 supporters on LEGO CUUSOO. It’s only been a little over two weeks since LEGO announced that they started accepting Doctor Who theme projects on the site and this project just shot up in the number of supporters.

The project suggests 5 minifigures, K-9, and 3 brick-built Daleks. The set itself would consist of the TARDIS Police Box and the TARDIS Console. Keep in mind that LEGO has given a warning to prioritize the minifigures or they have the liberty to choose from a list of suggested options. No doubt the demand for an official LEGO Doctor Who set is there. Now we just have to wait for the first review period to see if it passes LEGO’s criteria of becoming an official set.

It joins the LEGO Bird Project, the Modular Apple Store, and the BTTF – Jules Verne Train so far as the sets in the running during the first review stage. In a fast-moving surprise, The Big Bang Theory now becomes the highest supported project on CUUSOO. The official LEGO comments will be posted as soon as they become available.

Congratulations on 10,000 supporters, GlenBricker and Kaminoan!


Congratulations, GlenBricker and Kaminoan on reaching 10,000 supporters on LEGO CUUSOO!

You’ve presented a very nice TARDIS exterior and interior playset, and an assortment of characters from which to choose. We’re looking forward to considering this project in the LEGO Review, but for now excuse us while we go

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