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LEGO Disney Collectible Minifigures (71012) Giveaway

LEGO Disney Collectible Minifigures (71012)

Today is my birthday so what better way to celebrate it than to give away a complete set of LEGO Disney Collectible Minifigures (71012). If you’ve entered my previous contests before, it’s nothing too hard about it. The contest will run until the end of June and I will pick a winner shortly after. The contest is open to everyone so good luck!

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LEGO Collectible Minifigures (71010) Series 14 Monsters Giveaway #2

Do I smell a giveaway in the near future?

It’s Halloween here in the US and that means I have another full set of Series 14 Monsters LEGO Collectible Minifigures (71010) to give away. This is the second set that I will be giving out with the last one by the end of the year.

If you’ve entered my contests before, you know that I’ll be using Rafflecopter to collect entries and the winner will be randomly chosen by the widget. The rules are the same so you don’t have to worry about that and I’ll let this contest run two weeks until November 14.

Thanks again to the LEGO CEE which is now called LEGO Community Engagement for sending a box in for me to share with my community. Good luck to everyone and stay safe while you’re out Trick or Treating tonight.

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LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes SDCC 2015 Arsenal Minifigure Giveaway

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes SDCC 2015 Arsenal

Earlier this week, I wanted your guys’ opinion on what kind of giveaway I should do for the San Diego Comic Con 2015 exclusive minifigures that I have. It looks like there’s an overwhelming response that you guys want three separate giveaways so that’s what I’ll do. I’ll make each giveaway a seperate post using the Rafflecopter app and each giveaway will last about a week.

The first giveaway is for the LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Arsenal Minifigure. Like I said before, these giveaways are worldwide so those who weren’t able to attend SDCC can have a chance to win as well.

The ways to qualify for the giveaway are stated in the Rafflecopter app below. While you’re at The Brick Fan Facebook Page, feel free to like, share, and comment on this contest post. The Twitter and Google+ entries are optional but they do give more entries for following my other social media outlets.

This particular giveaway will end on 7/31/15 at 11:59:59pm. After that, I’ll update this post again with the winner’s name and I’ll contact them directly.

Good luck everyone!

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LEGO San Diego Comic Con 2015 Exclusives Giveaway

LEGO SDCC 2015 Exclusives Giveaway

I hear you guys like giveaways so here’s another one that you may be interested in. As you can see from the image above, I have a whole set of LEGO SDCC exclusives that I will be giving away. You may ask how did I get two sets of exclusives. You may not know this but I had my brother stand in line with me at Comic Con and he was able to get a whole set himself. Since he isn’t into LEGO as much as I am, we came to a mutual agreement to give me the exclusives and here we are.

So my question for you guys is what kind of giveaway do you want? Would you like to have three separate giveaways for each individual exclusive or just one giveaway for all three exclusives. I made a Straw Poll and you can vote on your choice. The one with the most votes will be the giveaway that will be done. I’ll let this run for about a week or so to let the votes populate. This will be a worldwide giveaway so that people who weren’t able to attend SDCC have a chance to win them.

The fate is in your hands. Choose wisely.


LEGO T-Shirt and Set Giveaway From

We haven’t run a contest here in a while but we’re happy to announce that we are starting one today in conjunction with and and the winners can get some cool prizes. There will be three (3) prizes in total: two (2) t-shirt and one (1) LEGO set for a total of three (3) different winners!

Both t-shirts are from The LEGO Movie (see above and below; subject to change) and they are in kids sizes. If you are a younger child, ask your parents to enter for you.

The third winner will be getting the LEGO Star Wars Plo Koon Starfighter 8093 (subject to change). This set was first released back in 2010 and was retired in 2011 so it’s pretty hard to get it at a fairly decent price. We are giving it away for FREE so you don’t even have to pay anything for it. Cool huh?

To enter the contest, we’ll be using our trusty Rafflecopter app below. There are different ways you can enter including on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Since we cannot ask you to Like our Facebook Page anymore on the app, we hope that you still give our page a Like after you visit the link to get an entry so you can stay up to date on the latest LEGO news that we bring everyday. Also try to give and a Like on their pages as well since they are providing the cool prizes.

The contest starts today and ends on November 30, … Continue

LEGO Ideas Ghostbusters Ecto-1 (21108) Giveaway

LEGO Ideas Ghostbusters Ecto-1 (21108) Giveaway

I guess this is what many of you have been waiting for. Since we hit 3,000 likes on our Facebook Page, we are doing a giveaway for a brand new, unopened LEGO Ideas Ghostbusters Ecto-1 (21108) sponsored by me. I would like to thank all the supporters of The Brick Fan by giving something back to fans of the site. It means a lot to me that many of you readers appreciate the information I put out. The contest will run for a month and I’ll be randomly choosing a winner shortly after. For this contest, we’ll be trying out Gleam to run the competition since I’ve heard pretty good things about it.

The Ghostbusters Ecto-1 (21108) is the latest LEGO Ideas set that was released and it is an awesome representation of the Ecto-1 from the movies. Now here’s your chance to win this really cool set! It’s completely free to enter and this time, anyone worldwide is eligible to enter. The giveaway contest will run for a month and will end at midnight, August 9th. There are a number of different ways you can enter and there’s even free daily entries so you can come back each day and get another entry. After the contest ends, I’ll announce the winner on our Facebook Page, so make sure you click “Get Notifications” to get all of our updates. You’ll have 24 hours to respond to my message on Facebook and there, I’ll get your shipping details.

Good luck to everyone who enters and … Continue

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