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LEGO Dimensions Character Cards at BrickLive Birmingham 2016

LEGO Dimensions Character Cards

Yesterday, I reported that WB and TT Games will be heading to BrickLive Birmingham 2016 this week and they’ll be showcasing LEGO Dimensions there. If you are attending the convention, there’s a chance for you to get your hands on the Green Arrow (71342) minifigure polybag if you put in some work. TT Games will be handing out some LEGO Dimensions Character cards and if you collect all 20, you can get the Green Arrow minifigure.

There are various ways that you can get these character cards which you can see below in the press release that was sent over. It doesn’t seem that the character cards do anything in-game but they are pretty cool to have.


Want to get your hands on an exclusive playable Green Arrow Character for LEGO Dimensions?

Simply collect all 20 of the LEGO Dimensions Character Cards. Then show off your collection to a member of the LEGO Dimensions team on the LEGO Dimensions Stand at BRICKLIVE. You will receive your Green Arrow character (and you get to keep your cards!)


Each individual pack contains 8 random LEGO Dimensions Character Cards. You will receive one Pack of Character Cards for each of the following BRICKLIVE activities:

– Play the LEGO Dimensions Demo (as many times as you like)
– Sit and watch the LEGO Dimensions presentation on the BRICKLIVE stage at 2pm
– Get your LEGO Dimensions poster signed on the LEGO Dimensions stand by TT


LEGO Dimensions Green Arrow (71342) Given Away at SDCC 2016 Dimensions Panel

LEGO Dimensions Green Arrow (71342) E3 Promo

Remember a few months ago, when it was revealed that the LEGO Dimensions Green Arrow (71342) polybag was given out at E3 2016? It looks like that the same polybag will be given out at San Diego Comic Con next week during the LEGO Dimensions panel on Sunday, July 24. Attendees will be given the Green Arrow polybag upon entry to the panel as a “thank you” for attending the panel. Hopefully there aren’t people that just go there to get the polybag and leave right after but I’m pretty sure there will be.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games, and The LEGO Group offer Comic-Con attendees a new glimpse inside the ever-expanding realm of LEGO Dimensions. Be among the first to see a new trailer, new characters, and game features in this unparalleled mash-up game experience. Featuring key members of the TT Games development team and voice acting talent. All attendees will receive a limited-edition LEGO Green Arrow minifigure! LEGO Dimensions is now available for PlayStation4 and PlayStation3 computer entertainment systems, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and the Wii U system.


LEGO Dimensions Green Arrow (71342) E3 Promo Polybag Revealed

LEGO Dimensions Green Arrow (71342) E3 Promo

It looks like there are already images of the exclusive Green Arrow (71342) promotional polybag of some of the LEGO Dimensions characters that will be given out at E3 next month. As you can see, it has the golden RFID bases for the Green Arrow. There’s also another polybag that is reported to be given out with Supergirl (71340).

**Via eBay via Minifigure Price Guide**

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2013 San Diego Comic Con LEGO Super Heroes Minifigures Sold For $4000

The news for the 2013 San Diego Comic Con LEGO Super Heroes minifigures doesn’t end even after a month of the end of the event. You may remember that there was some controversy a week back about some of the attendees who insisted that the giveaway was rigged. Well, that didn’t stop a seller by the name of cohens714 on eBay of getting a hold of all four minifigures and having an auction for them and it was sold for $3999.00. What’s interesting is that the seller has relisted a similar auction going with a starting bid of $2999.00. This is somewhat suspicious because either he didn’t really “sell” the minifigures for $4000 and made a fake account to “buy” it out or he has multiples of each of the Super Heroes minifigures. If he does have multiples of the them, how did he get that many? What do you think actually happened and would you put down $4000 to buy these minifigures?

As an eBay Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


San Diego Comic Con 2013 LEGO Exclusive Minifigures Revealed

USA Today has revealed the the exclusive minifigures that will be given away at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con and they are the Green Arrow and Black Suit Superman from DC Universe and Spider-Man and Spider-Woman from Marvel. Odds are that it will be like last year where you will have to scan your badge at the LEGO booth (#2829) and go back later to see if your name was chosen.

San Diego Comic Con 2013 LEGO Exclusive Minifigure - Green Arrow

San Diego Comic Con 2013 LEGO Exclusive Minifigure - Black Suit Superman

San Diego Comic Con 2013 LEGO Exclusive Minifigure - Spider-Man

San Diego Comic Con 2013 LEGO Exclusive Minifigure - Spider-Woman


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