The news for the 2013 San Diego Comic Con LEGO Super Heroes minifigures doesn’t end even after a month of the end of the event. You may remember that there was some controversy a week back about some of the attendees who insisted that the giveaway was rigged. Well, that didn’t stop a seller by the name of cohens714 on eBay of getting a hold of all four minifigures and having an auction for them and it was sold for $3999.00. What’s interesting is that the seller has relisted a similar auction going with a starting bid of $2999.00. This is somewhat suspicious because either he didn’t really “sell” the minifigures for $4000 and made a fake account to “buy” it out or he has multiples of each of the Super Heroes minifigures. If he does have multiples of the them, how did he get that many? What do you think actually happened and would you put down $4000 to buy these minifigures?